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Region Midtjylland

Aarhus Universitet, Faculty of Health

Katrinebjergvej 89F, 8200 Aarhus N

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Do you want to play a key role in the development of academic clinical medicine in Denmark? Can you work closely and based on trust with management at Aarhus University Hospital and the remaining Central Jutland hospitals to develop a framework that furthers the professional development of the individual staff members, while at the same time underpinning the development of an internationally renowned beacon of excellence in academic clinical medicine; and are you an experienced manager and an acknowledged clinical researcher with an international outlook? If so, one of the most attractive health science management positions in Scandinavia may be yours as from 1 July 2018.

As Head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Health, Aarhus University, you will spearhead the further development of a highly professional and ambitious department, thereby ensuring that it will remain a hub for internationally renowned research and medical training, matching society’s demands and expectations. The Department’s development and activities are nurtured in the context of a unique collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital and the regional hospitals of the Central Denmark Region. 

You will also be part of The Faculty Senior Management Team. In collaboration with the other department heads and the Dean’s Office, you will strive to further develop Aarhus University as an internationally acclaimed elite university that contributes to solving fundamental healthcare challenges in society.

Working areas
You must, among others:
• Strengthen and further develop the framework and orientation of our clinical research, ensuring that it underpins societal needs for evidence-based prevention and care at all levels of specialization, and that this research has international impact.
• Ensure the quality and professional contents of the Master’s Programme in Medicine focusing on the continued development of programme contents, forms of instruction and structure.
• Engage in constructive, close and trust-based collaboration, particularly with Aarhus University Hospital, the regional hospitals and the remaining healthcare organisations of the Central Denmark Region to achieve the goals stated above.
• Collaborate strategically and systematically with the hospitals and the Department’s professors and research groups on, e.g., recruitment, external funding and internationalisation to strengthen clinical research and training.
• Map out the professional path to be followed, starting from a clear decision about the Department’s profile and future strategic objectives - and prioritise accordingly; preferably in a manner that puts into play many of the 34 medical specialties and underpins the collaboration with the Faculty’s and the University’s remaining research communities.
• Seek constructive solutions in the face of diverging interests and, at times, a considerable workload.
• Establish a framework that allows for a healthy culture of collaboration within which all staff members may develop and thrive - as the Department Head, you will be in charge of the Department’s working environment.
• Ensure financial management and budget compliance in a complex organisation, where professional activities are often funded by several sources.
• Collaborate with the remaining parts of senior management at the Faculty of Health to ensure that Aarhus University stays at the forefront as an international elite university that addresses the main societal challenges of our time.

We expect that you:
• are a medical doctor and have knowledge on the Danish hospital sector, including the framework and conditions for collaboration involving universities and hospitals on clinical research and training.
• are a renowned researcher with a strong research manager profile within one or more of the Department’s professional focus areas.
• hold managerial and financial management experience.
• communicate clearly and constructively in writing and orally. Non-Scandinavian speaking applicants must learn Danish within the first 2 years of their appointment.
• are assertive and has the clout needed to be effective in health care as well as university fora.
• are visionary and imaginative and realistically back up initiatives that further the academic development and add to the visibility of the Department’s and the Hospitals’ research and training activities.
• are open, appreciative and approachable in your management style and thrive in a visible leadership role.

We offer
An exciting and varied position that gives you considerable influence on the development of academic clinical medicine in Denmark. Pending negotiation, it is possible that part of the working time may be used for clinical work or research activities. 

A central managerial role in a dynamic and multi-faceted organisation counting many committed staff members and an extensive national as well as international network. The Department has staff members at all hospitals of Central Jutland and at the Aarhus University Campus. The Department’s laboratories, animal experimental facilities, animal stables and advanced image diagnostic installations are located mainly at Aarhus University Hospital. 

As from the summer of 2018, the Department’s management team will count the Department Head and two deputy department heads - you will be responsible for recruiting staff for these two key positions. The background and status of the work is described at the Department’s website under Organisation.

The daily work of the Department’s management is underpinned by the Department’s Secretariat and the Faculty’s administrative staff functions. The Secretariat and its staff currently counts 17 employees and is characterised by strong social coherence and an informal working environment, and you will work closely with the experienced manager of the Secretariat.
The Department’s Secretariat and staff functions are located at Aarhus University Hospital.

The Department in figures and headings
The Department of Clinical Medicine holds the responsibility for the Master’s Programme in Medicine counting approx. 400 students per year. The Department is strongly focused on research with approx. 450 PhD students and 2,300 annual research publications. 

The department has approx. 1,100 employees (including about 735 scientific staff), of whom the majority has shared areas of responsibility between the Department of Clinical Medicine and Aarhus University Hospital, and typically the main place of employment is the hospital. 

The Department’s finances are in balance and its gross budget ascends to around 330 million DKK annually.

The Department has a long and proud tradition for collaboration, particularly with the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University Hospital, the regional hospitals and other public organisations, including the VIA University College. In particular, the collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital on research and training is strong, and has served as an example to follow for various other countries.

The head of Department refers to the Dean of Health, Aarhus University

Further information
The AU’s position and person profiles for department head candidates
Internal website of The Department of Clinical Medicine (targeting staff)
External website of the Department of Clinical Medicine (targeting partners, stakeholders and the press)
Health’s website (internal)
Health’s website (external)
The AU’s website

Recruitment procedure
This is a fixed-term position filled for a period of up to 6 years, with an option to extend
the period for an additional 3 years. 

The Department Head is appointed by the Dean. The recruitment and appointment procedure follows the Danish University Act and internal university provisions, which, among others,
involves the establishment of an advisory group and an appointment committee.

For more information about the position, please contact the Dean of Health, Aarhus University, Lars Bo Nielsen, phone: + 45 30 24 82 03.

Your application, written in English or Danish, should be sent to Dean Lars Bo Nielsen via

The application deadline is 11 March 2018. The interviews for the position are held on 18 April 2018 (1st round) and on 30 April 2018 (2nd round). Applicants who successfully conclude the first round participate in manager profile testing after the first round of interviews.



Terms of employment and pay are regulated by "Fællesoverenskomst mellem Finansministeriet og en række Akademiker-organisationer for akademikere i staten (Akademiker-overenskomsten)"




Applications must include a CV and indication of education (a copy of the diplomas should be uploaded). Recommendations/letters of reference can be uploaded separately.


Applications submitted through channels other than the online application form below or applications which are not received by the application deadline will not be considered.


Guidance for applicants and instructions on how to complete the application form can be seen here.


All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.


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