Jobbet "PhD fellowship in diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias and hypoglycaemia" er udløbet

Region Hovedstaden

Region Hovedstaden

Niels Steensens Vej 2, 2820 Gentofte

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A PhD fellowship is available at the Clinical Metabolic Physiology research group at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC), University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The position is open for medical doctors with interest in clinical research within the cross field of diabetology and cardiology and beginning October 1st 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.  
SDCC is the largest diabetes center in Denmark and is organized in four units: Clinic, Clinical Research, Education and Health Promotion. The Clinical Research Unit consists of five research with different research areas. The clinical studies in this PhD will be carried out at Clinical Metabolic Physiology research group at Gentofte Hospital.
About the department
The project is a close collaboration between several research environments within the Capital Region of Denmark, namely Clincal Metabolic Physiology, SDCC; the Cardiovascular Research Centre, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital and the Endocrine Research Unit, Department of Endocrinology  and Nephrology, Nordsjællands Hospital.      
The clinical studies will be carried out at Clinical Metabolic Physiology at Gentofte Hospital under the supervision of Professor Tina Vilsbøll, Professor Gunnar Gislason, Professor Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard and Professor Filip K. Knop. All the necessary equipment and expertise is available in the laboratories, where several clinical research projects have been conducted. The PhD candidate will act as investigator on all studies included in the PhD project.                      
The project and the candidate 
Patients with type 1 diabetes risk suffer from long-term complications as a consequence of an elevated plasma glucose level. Hence, modern diabetes treatment targets stringent glycaemic control while avoiding hypoglycaemia. Although treatment of type 1 diabetes and plasma glucose monitoring has improved over the last decades, hypoglycaemia remains inevitable. For almost three decades, hypoglycaemia has been linked to cardiac arrhythmias and the “dead-in-bed” syndrome, and several studies have indicated a causal link. However, since cardiac arrhythmias are relatively rare and may be clinically asymptomatic, especially during sleep, it has proved difficult to demonstrate a direct causal relationship. Moreover, when recovering from hypoglycaemia, rebound hyperglycaemia may impose deleterious effect on the cardiovascular system. The present PhD project will delineate whether episodes of hypoglycaemia are associated with clinical relevant arrhythmias in patients with type 1 diabetes and uncover potentially detrimental effects of subsequent hyperglycaemia during recovery. The expected results will improve our understanding of the relationship between level of glycaemic control and cardiovascular risk and help to develop optimal strategies for the management of patients with diabetes. The candidate will obtain clinical research skills and clinical skills within endocrinology and cardiology.

Terms of employment
The PhD candidate will be offered a full-time position for a period of three years. Employment will be according to collective agreement with the Region.  
Contact and deadline  
For further information about the position please contact: Professor and Head of Clinic at SDCC Tina Vilsbøll, MD DMSc (Mobile: +45 4094 0825). Deadline for application August 13th 2018.
About Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen                     
Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is a visionary diabetes center for the entire Capital Region specialized in the treatment, research and prevention of diabetes and in the education of healthcare professionals in diabetes. SDCC is the largest diabetes clinic in Scandinavia and treats more than 9,000 people with diabetes from the Capital Region each year. Read more on and follow SDCC on Twitter and LinkedIn.